Manicures & Pedicures


Manicure | 42   Pedicure | 65
Purify your skin with a refreshing blend of mandarin orange and mango. The tropical fruits combined with Moroccan argan oil evens skin tone and texture for improved brightness. Skin is left feeling soft, smoot and moisturized. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 42   Pedicure | 65
Enjoy a relaxing, anti-aging lemongrass treatment to reduce the visible signs of sun damage on hands and feet. Antioxidant-rich lemongrass, Moroccan Argan oil and green tea tones skin for a healthy, more youthful appearance. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 40   Pedicure | 58
Detox your skin with an antioxidant-rich pomegranate sugar scrub. Cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil and other natural extracts are specially blended to deeply nourish on a cellular level, leaving skin healthy and radiant. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 40   Pedicure | 58
Smooth hands and feet with an exfoliating honey scrub to gently remove rough spots. Honey softens and repairs while a soothing blend of essential oils nourishes and locks in moisture for healthier skin. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 37   Pedicure | 53
Relax your senses while skin is soothed in a bath of lavender and mint. A special blend of natural minerals comforts sore hands and feet to reduce swelling and inflammation. Tea tree and peppermint oils revitalize skin with a refreshing tingle while menthol and wintergreen oils stimulate circulation. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 34   Pedicure | 48
Your feet are submerged in a relaxing footbath. Delight in the sweet aroma of your favorite cocktail as pineapple extracts and coconut cream are combined to exfoliate and hydrate your skin. In addition to basic foot care, we exfoliate using a Piña Colada sugar scrub. Lastly, tired feet are soothed with a hot paraffin wax treatment and hot stone massage.


Manicure | 34   Pedicure | 48
Remove calluses and rough spots with a refining treatment for the skin. Fresh, cool cucumber and paraffin wax softens dry areas for silky smooth hands and feet. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 30   Pedicure | 41
Experience the many anti-aging benefits of rosemary with this dreamy treatment. Hands and feet are hydrated and rejuvenated on a cellular level as antioxidants firm skin and reduce fine lines. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 30   Pedicure | 41
A rejuvenating treat for skin hands and feet are exfoliated with a special scrub of French coffee and vanilla extract. An Ayurvedic blend of oils and vitamin E provide healing and antioxidant properties, revealing renewed skin. Hot stone and paraffin wax for pedicure.


Manicure | 22   Pedicure | 32
Feel refreshed with an energizing, citrus-infused bath for hands and feet. Rough and dry spots are invigorated by the antioxidant properties of tropical fruits for healthier skin. Hot stone massage for pedicure.

Spa Pedicures


Serumspa is the first product to incorporate premiium skin serum into a pedicure system. Taking advantage of its deep penetrating characteristics to deliver high concentrations of active ingredients. Serum Spa provides the most effective and gratifying experience.


Jelly Pedi is the original pedicure in a box. It boarsts a unique and amazing telatinous texture that retains heat, soothes acing muscles and alleviates joint pain. The jelly oils soften the skin and relaxes the mind and body. Choose your jelly scent: Aloe Vera, Lavender, Cherry Sage, Peppermint


Lightening | Hydrating | Deeply Moisturizing
CosmoSpa Pearl's unique combination of minerals and complex proteins lightens and brightens the skin tone. Nature's finest ingredients. Individually packaged steps. Hygienic quality ingredients.



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